Tuesday, April 4, 2017

addendum to 'Black Lung Disease' post

some of the various reasons MES may be considered a 'visionary':

1. visual aesthetics - MES/Fall lps, eps, 7" covers & sleeves inspired many later generations of punk, indie bands, & zines who all continued the random collage & 'dada experience'

2. aural aesthetics - because of MES/Fall releases, 'low-fi' recordings are now a choice not necessarily a 'financial necessity'

3. MES/Fall fans single-handedly created the interwebs contrary to common wisdom, ie, not Al Gore ;-)

4. Westcoast rap, Southern hip-hop, & the then little known, unheralded cassette releases only subgenre now famous for the slowed down 'cough syrup'/marijuana influenced vocals aka 'leaning' would probably not be possible without MES/Fall

5. Drunk MES semi-inspired the commercial release of Drunk Robert Pollard live monologue recordings collectively known as the 'asshole records' & also somewhat inspired Pollard's infamous quote: "I want to be drunker than Meatloaf & fatter than Elvis."

king of the yanks

strange 'visual' I've noticed in the last few days re: Trump's signature on Presidential Executive Orders. He uses a fat 'felt marker' & not a fountain pen so that his 'john hancock' is actually bolder & thicker than the stiff wisps of hair that rest perched atop his head. why? don't know. ok. that's the latest news this side of the pond. over & out.