Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Who Wants To Be A Trivia Doctor?

1. What is the real name of Dr. J, who played for the 76ers and is in the Basketball Hall of Fame?

A. Julian Irving
B. Julius Irving
C. Juno Irving
D. Juliano Irving

2. The fictional character Dr. Doolittle had the uncanny ability to do what?

A. talk to animals
B. teach children kindness
C. give sight to the blind
D. grow muscles whenever he was angry

3. Your neighbor is a nephrologist. He is a doctor specializing in what?

A. kidneys
B. premature babies
C. blood disorders
D. the brain

4. Who played the grumpy Dr. Becker on the long running sitcom "Becker’?

A. Ted Danson
B. Gene Wilder
C. Jason Alexander
D. Michael Richards

5. Philadelphia’s own Dr. Bill Cosby, creator of Fat Albert and the Cosby show, holds a doctorate degree in what subject?

A. Education
B. Philosophy
C. Music
D. Theology

6. In 2004, TV talk show host Dr. Phil was ranked no. 4 in Boston Magazine’s list of what?

A. most popular Texans
B. richest men on TV
C. un-sexiest men
D. Oprah’s best friend list

7. On the hit show "Two and a Half Men", what kind of doctor is brother Alan Harper, played by Jon Cryer?

A. Psychologist
B. Chiropractor
C. Dentist
D. Pediatrician

8. Ron Paul’s accomplishments include United States Congressman, candidate for 2012 Republican Party Presidential Nomination, author and physician. What kind of medicine did he practice during the 60’s and 70’s?

A. Optical surgery
B. Oncology
C. Ob-Gyn
D. Sports medicine

9. Oprah’s buddy Dr. Mehmet Oz holds dual citizenship. He is a citizen of both the U.S. and the country his parents emigrated from. Name that country.

A. Turkey
B. Tunisia
C. Iran
D. Morocco

10. Who wrote the lyrics "Doctor, doctor, give me the news, I got a bad case of lovin’ you. No pill’s gonna cure my ill, I’ve got a bad case of lovin’ you."

A. Peter Gabriel
B. Mick Jagger
C. Robert Palmer
D. The Allman Brothers

11. The doctor has just informed you that you’ve broken your "hallux". What did you break?

A. Big toe
B. Fingernail
C. tailbone
D. elbow

12. Which writer first introduced us to Dr. Frankenstein and his monster?

A. Charles Dickens
B. Marco Prisco
C. Mary Shelley
D. John Norbert



Part One: 5 points each

1. B. Julius Irving
2. A. talk to animals
3. A. kidneys
4. A. Ted Danson

Part Two: 10 points each

5. A. education
6. C. un-sexiest man
7. B. chiropractor
8. C. Ob/Gyn

Part Three: 15 points each

9. A. Turkey
10. C. Robert Palmer
11. A. Big toe
12. C. Mary Shelley


Under 50: Trivia Amateur
50-85: Trivia Buff
90-115: Trivia Whiz

Note: Trivia Quiz by Lisa Shaat
Spirit Community Newspapers