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Rhythmical Lines, B9


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Allan Smithee • 2 days ago

ok. a recurring problem. via the interwebs: "UPDATE: Posted on their Facebook page today, 2/18/14: Last week MiND TV, and all sub-channels, went off air due to a massive technical problem with our transmitter. We have been working very hard to fix the issue and hope to be back within the week. Please check back for updates. We apologize for the inconvenience."

Addendum: Coincidence? A Russian Naval Vessel also trolling off the East Coast Seaboard & CT while "Alternative News Media" is off-the-air in Philly area. hmm.

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Allan Smithee • 3 days ago

this comment/question is off-topic & open to all for response... I don't have cable so watch over the air tv (aka free) and since Monday NHK, F24, & RT News have all been off-air. Anybody else (non-cable viewers only) been in the black too?

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Allan Smithee • a day ago

think that excerpt is of Philly Broadcaster on Fox News who does segments on consumer affairs & complaints etc.

“I don’t give a shit,” says a man in one clip, standing in front of what looks to be a drainage ditch adjacent to a shopping mall. “I’m cold, and I’m fucking freezing and I hate this.”

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Editorial: Random Musings plus Financial Pondering

Editorial Cartoon Courtesy Signe Wilkinson/

GDP: What percentage (%) of Gross National Product does the Pentagon/Defense Industries consume of every year’s budget of the United States Government? Is the percentage the highest in the world when considering various factors such as size of fiscal budget, geographic size of nation plus size of populace, and average amount/percentage of taxes a citizen (though NOT Corporations) pays on total gross income, i.e., what is the cost of security borne by every citizen, resident, & person regardless of age.

 Editorial Cartoon Courtesy Mike Peters/

Russian Hacking Scandal
Is it possible the “Russian Fingerprints” found or discovered were a cover for the Israeli Gov.s’ (Agents/State Operatives) release of various DNC Documents & Hillary Clinton Info to WikiLeaks during the final weeks of the 2016 USA Presidential Campaign? Also, the State of Israel is in fact moral supporters & (perhaps even) financial backers of ISIL, i.e., the Jewish Government believes, like the U.S. Government, that turmoil & sectarian war in the Middle East Area Nations is a “good thing.” Yep, Neo-Conservative thinking indeed, Meh. Btw, Neo-Liberal Thinking re: War & Economics isn’t better though slightly different…

Who’s There?
A Neo-Conservative & A Neo-Liberal (*)
What’s the Difference?
The Neo-Liberal Once Had Heart While Neo-Conservatives Never Had Brains

Editorial Cartoon Courtesy Mike Peters

Also, let’s hope the Trump Administration is only One-Term. The American Populace’s Memory is *almost* non-existent. Don’t Americans recall the Financial Failings & War Mongering Disasters of Republican Administrations? It still really amazes me that anybody would still vote GOP.
Note: the last few Republican Administrations (George W. Bush/Dick Cheney & Donald J. Trump/Mike Pence) both lost the popular vote yet won the Electoral College.
Editorial Cartoon Courtesy Tom Tomorrow/

The 700 Club
Was watching The 700 Club recently & didn’t realize Pat Robertson has become even more political active as he ages. During this particular broadcast, P. Robertson discussed “The Clinton Foundation” finances with a wistful look in his eyes as drool dripped from his mouth with envy & jealousy. (Ok, that was a slight exaggeration.)

“I’ve never seen such a fund-raising campaign before. They’ve raised Billions of Dollars. It’s just a ‘Slush Fund’ for Bill & Hillary,” Robertson stated “matter of factly.” Surprisingly, Pat Robertson didn’t bare long teeth or sharp fangs as he said this ;-)
Editorial Cartoon Courtesy Signe Wilkinson
(*) Footnote: Via: - Neo-conservatism is an American political philosophy which advocates an active foreign policy, including liberal use of military intervention, for the purpose of providing for US national security.  It is based on a strict understanding of the nation-state model for international governance and imagines the United States as a nation-state superpower under constant assault from would-be contenders for power who are ideologically, as opposed to merely self-interest, driven.  Support for Israel and advocacy for a militarily dominant and aggressive Israeli government is a big part of neo-conservatism.

Neo-liberalism is a much broader philosophic outlook for governance which advocates a reduced role for the state in economic affairs, particularly in the developing world, combined with competitive markets and liberal trade policies in each country with the rest of the world.  While neo-liberalism supports the use of state institutions for social welfare where needed, it opposes government-protected monopolies and state ownership of productive industries and resources.  It is characterized by conceptualizing even the political world as a kind of market, and terms like the "marketplace of ideas," or "policy market" come from the neo-liberal framework.

While neo-conservative policies are largely confined to the right-wing of the political spectrum, neo-liberalism ranges from the social-democratic parties of the center left in Europe and Latin America to the center right parties such as Christian Democratic parties in Europe, the US Democratic Party, and the Social Christian parties of Latin America.  Socialist parties tend to advocate against neo-liberalism from the left, and far right-wing parties, which now include much of the US Republican party, tends to advocate against neo-liberalism from the right.

Neo-liberalism is often referred to, in other contexts, as the "Washington Consensus," a kind of bi-partisan (for the US) meta-agreement on the principles of liberal governance for engagement with developing world. -- James Kielkopf, Economist, Public Policy Consultant, Farmer
Editorial Cartoon Courtesy Mike Peters/