Sunday, September 17, 2017

Reality TV - Part IV

[*] "I bring the men who desire death as ardently as you desire life." -- Khalid ibn al-Walid (seventh-century Islamic warrior, companion of Muhammad)

warning: long & maybe boring blog post entry

'Is this a Church or Discotheque?'

Service started with low/deep purple lighting plus an ice-machine spewing fog. Congregation mostly white/young & very 'evangelical'. Each seat had sm creamer-like container w/grape juice plus what looked like a lifesaver candy (gluten-free) that served as communion/host bread. Service started put w/live band including drummer that played sorta 'new-wave' Christian based lyrics/music etc. 'New Wave' Group prolly played 2 songs for about 10mins total.

Sermon was 2nd in 3part series. this wk was focused on scripture Roman8, verses5-13 which was anchored by 'visual' from movie 'Karate Kid' where student (ralph m) is mentored by asian guy with saying/practice of "wax on, wax off" while cleaning & washing outside of automobile.

3 words were used as catchphrase during service... discipline, sanctification, & activation. Heres are gospels quoted during service: (*)John4:20 (*)Philipians4:8, (*)Romans12:2 (*)John15:5 on lg multiple tv screens.

Various Quotes I jotted/noted - "Sinfull Nature is The Flesh"; "God's Revelation -> Activation -> Participation"; "Sanctification"; "Need Discipline to be Disciple"; "Lack of Focus? Holy Spirit Helps w/Priorities"; Focus, Sanctification, & Activation: Holy Spirit's Empowerment is to help us live out our purpose"; "Participation is evidence of God's transformation"

Like I said before, congregation is very young & perhaps a bit too "evangelical" for me but will attend another service or 2 before deciding whether this Church is for me or not etc.(

ok.bye :-)

>Are you going to try Church again? Just curious!

Yes. There are 2 services; 10am & 11:30. Same sermon but wonder if atmosphere is different. Went to 10am last wk so will try 11:30 this wk :-)

Didn't have 'cash' on me for $dollar-donation but a 'Block Church Team Member' said "no problem" about taking Bible plus 2 small 'spiritual booklets' etc.

Bible & 2 spiritual guide booklets mentioned earlier; picked up @ 'Block Church' service Sunday Morn.


Great News! The Catholic Cathedral (St. Adalbert Church) nearby w/very lg Polish congregation has a 9am service in English so think my Sundays will be traditional/conservative service 1st then 3 blocks away will attend the 10:30 'evangelical' sermon (there is no 'mass') @ 'The Block Church'. Sounds like a 'full' Sunday morn but what the hey, I'll give it a try :-)


Children learn from parents, both 'good habits' & 'bad' ones so Thank You for giving me a strong & resilient template! Though physically I maybe somewhat alone & isolated here in Philly BUT I *felt* presence of family & friends spiritually even if said persons (you, siblings, friends/in-laws etc) were at a distance geographically.  Also, when one matures, adversity just seems to be flip-side of good-life coin etc... what I mean is a whole & full life can be both good & difficult.

So, think I will keep attending 'Block Church' @10am service but perhaps not join in on the prayer groups, something I'm not ready for & I think another church (cathedral actually) down the street perhaps has an 11ish service I can also attend, which is more conservative & traditional tho I don't know the denomination. Attending both services would be a good combination :-) I'll see how it works out etc but right now thats my plan.


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Via InfoWars Comments Section: I'll see ya' Acts 2:38 and raise you I Corinthians 1:17, Romans 10:9,10 and Acts 10:44-48 Saved first, Holy Ghost first, then water - which never has been required for the metamorphosis to a new creation; FORMULAS ARE WORKS,,,,, and LOTS are in lava because of false teachings.... Toss in Acts 11:13-18 for good measure -- saved ONLY by Words.


*[Epigraph] Black Flags: The Rise of Isis by (Pulitzer Prize Winning Author) Joby Warrick; Published by First Anchor Books, Sept. 2016; personal sidenote - only book currently checked out from Free Library of Philadelphia (FLP) in addition to various compact discs & dvds. Man, gotta start reading more again! Doesn't matter whether fiction or not. Enjoy literature & also reference books :-)


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