Saturday, September 2, 2017

Reality TV - Interlude / Commercial Break

Had very decent day today :-) Ran outta tape that I use to secure peg-tube to stomach otherwise it would just pop out if not heavily bandaged ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  so headed off to Walmart, a 30 min walk aka 'leisurely stroll' since was beautiful Aug day (temp mid 80s & scattered clouds) Could've taken public transportation but since its Sat., busses on wkend schedule so really wouldn't get to destination any quicker.

Coupla wks ago agreed to participate in study questionnaire @ Temple U. Hosp: 'Cancer Study/Survey (Gene-Environmental Interactions & Racial Disparities in Head & Neck Cancers)' which took about 2 hrs to complete & afterwards they unexpectedly gave me 2 Walmart gift-cards ($10 each) so bought two rolls of 'athletic tape' for stomach/peg-tube, 3 diff kinds of stick deodorant/perspirant cause its summer & I *always* have problem w/underarm body order ie I'm a 'real stinker' so at this time of year gotta use 2 diff deodorants at same time. I also purchased 2 cds (Prince - Around the World In A Day containing hits 'Raspberry Beret' & 'Pop Life' plus the 1st self-titled album by group Boston, an old fave I didn't have in my current cd collection) 

On way home picked up 3 cans of 'Bud Ice' for $5; I know, Budweiser? But like I told 'Tx Guys Crew' yesterday, not only are they cheap, Bud Ice is 'pleasant' on my stomach ie no acid-reflux & since it goes down my peg-tube, taste is not really a concern. If I was drinking beer through mouth would prolly buy $2 pint of PBR @ 'Corner-Bar(tm)' instead :-) So anyways left home w/$10.25 plus 2 $10 gift cards & bought all the afore-mentioned stuff & returned home w/$1.75. A successful shopping day indeed! Ok. Thats all. Over/Out.

addendum - fwd link: while listening to today's purchases, googled 'Prince Albums, Ranked'  & stumbled upon this newly posted (today!) article. Interesting read :-)