Wednesday, September 20, 2017

LST CH - 4:20am, Sunday

Three Stooges [17.2, Antenna TV] <--> King's Highway [12.2, WHYY2]


Darn. NHK World (35.2) is going off-air on Sept 30th cause owner of channels 35.1 - 35.4, MiND TV sold their rights to these airwaves @ FCC auction for $150million plus. Think a wireless phone company purchased them. .... spokesperson said company would use said monies to expand their footprint online as, according to them, this is the future of media. Imo, they've made a terrible business decision. Also, don't know if MiND TV, France24, & RT getting the boot too. I seriously hope NHK & the 3 other 'sister stations' find another over-the-air home here in Philly for those of us who don't have cable. Those 4 stations are probably, in addition to IonLife, the tv channels I watch most.