Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Reality TV - Part III

Thx for sending lake/mountains [Breckinridge, Co.] photo. Fortunately went to library yesterday & hooked up my phone to FLP wifi (am outta  some verizon [😠grrrr 😡] cellular data-information transportation) Question though, why is there a lg silver-colored pipe partially exposed in lake? ie what is purpose of pipe? btw, seems your vacation spot is a beautiful example of what is imagined when thinking of 'typical Colorado landscape" :-) ok. over/out.


[Weather Update  - Pls include Photos] Philly is beautiful today! :-) My next door neighbor, Ruth - Mother of Landlord - Ha! has gone the whimsical route for yard! Takes getting used to but is actually very visually entertaining. Btw, she is Mother of Landlord (John & Carol have entire 3rd fl as his & wife's "wkend residence". They also recently built a very nice wood deck on roof. He's a good & honorable exterior/onterior bldg contractor) Anyways, that is 'background story'... so, How is Breckenridge, Co., Dripping Springs, Tx., & Melbourne, Fla today [weather-wise]?


Addendum: [names redacted], Thx for latest pics from Colorado & Galveston, Tx. Just got new monthly ration of data transportation from Verizon yesterday so received yr photos last nite @around 11pm ¯\_(ツ)_/¯