Saturday, August 26, 2017

Reality TV - Part II

Programs that have recently kept me glued to 'The Boob Tube'

*  Person of Interest/Elementary (PHL17) Sunday; 4/5pm & 11pm/Midnite 

*  Chef at Home / Chef at Large with Michael Smith: M-F, 9am-11am, 2 episodes each & Room to Grow, Saturday & Sunday - various times, back to back 1/2 hr episodes, ION Life, Channel 61.3, which is Canadian version of 'Live-Well Network' [6.2, over-air, not cable is a channel whose orig. ep. programs I've all seen numerous times though will *usually* watch repeats of 'Knock It Off' with Monica (yum-yum-yum) & Jess, 'Home with Lisa Quinn' [again, yum-yum w/tattoos], & 'One Mexican Plate @ A Time with Chicago Celebrity Restauranteur/Chef Rick Bayless (Brother of former ESPN Sports Program Opinionator/Analyst Skip], & 'My Family Recipe Rocks! w/host & former "Boy-Bander Celebrity Vocalist & Singer" Joey Fatone.)]


*  Cooking Tidbit Hits: Famous TV Celebrity Chef Rick Bayless (who specializes in fine-dining Mexican Cuisine) says roasted garlic 'mush' plus peanuts blended w/avocados is absolutely delicious :-) please try next time you make guacamole. Would love to know if true! I can already smell it... yum yum.

--> What is ratio?

Um, would 'guesstimate' 3 sm garlic cloves & handful of peanuts. good luck & well wishes! am very excited!

"If you believe in something, you can stand-up for it." Celebrity Chef Charles Arthur "Art" Smith (Oprah's Personal Cook)

*    X-Files (PHL17) Tues - 9pm & 1am - 2episodes) Sat; 9 & 11pm (repeat of Tues' eps)

*    Quantum Leap (COZI-TV 10.2) 1am M-F

*   Pawn Shop (PHL17) 3-5pm Sundays 

*  Democracy Now! (MiND TV - Channel 35.1) 6-7pm, M-F

* Antique Road Show (PBS - WHYY - Channel 12.1) Monday, 8pm


"Art is inter-connected & related to social justice/change." excerpted quote from PBS Documentary Series: Art in the Twenty-First Century (Mexico City) on WHYY2 (one of 3 PBS Channels airing in Philly Area/Metropolis). 

Interesting Side Note: Program was funded by The National Endowment for the Arts, Andy Warhol Foundation, & James Joyce Foundation. Also, according to advertisement after program, this is a series of shows & next episode focuses on Artists in Los Angeles. Don't know when next episode is but would recommend viewing future ones if/when you channel surf & end up on PBS.   

Another Art Quote [stored & saved for on my phone notebook]: "The fringes of Art is mostly made of people trying to 'explore' the definition of 'Art.' ” 


Personal Note & Hat-Tip: Mind Network - In Philadelphia - Channels 35.1 Media Independent Programming; 35.2 NHK; 35.3 France24; 35.4 RT; Only complaint about Mind Network Channels is that they air *way* too many National Weather Administration Warnings or testing of Emergency Broadcast Systems. Seems these Alert Bulletins/Tests *always* interrupt interesting or enlightening political & humanities/arts programming. Also MeTV, channels 2.1-2.4, though sometimes difficult to receive for some reason but good, quality programming from the recent past.  

Ok. Over & Out :-)