Thursday, August 24, 2017

Reality TV - Part I

Tex Mex Dishes [Border Town Terms/Words]

Chalupas = Tostados (deep fried round corn tortillas with toppings [usually re-fried beans, guacamole, cheddar cheese, grated iceberg lettuce, chopped white onions, dollop of pico de gallo/salsa & optional sour- cream])

Mariaches = Breakfast Tacos (Flour Tortillas Only [specifically Sunday barbocoa (24 hr underground bbq'd young 'kids' aka goat)- yum yum, so good)]

Raspas = Shaved Ice 'Snow-Cones

... wow, also I really luv chorizo/scrambled eggs w/hint of salsa or dollop of pico-de-gallo atop filling *plus* I love guac/butter on flour tortillas. Bacon, butter (scrambled eggs a plus! w/yellow cheese & again salsa or pico de gallo) on flour tortillas [either one] so very good. 

Salt & peppered rare steak w/white cheese between dbl-stacked corn tortilla plus lg smear of guac & salsa/pico de gallo *always* a fave. Other breakfast tacos favored [honorable mentions] are seasoned chicharrons/flour torts, bean/cheese/flour torts & of course 'flautas' [tightly rolled deep-fried corn tortillas filled w/either shredded chicken or beef which, following deep-fry, are dipped in side dish of guac & either salsa or pico de gallo. 

Also, I love good tamales & even though I grew up eating freshly made (Tex-Mex) corn tortilla enchiladas (w/red sauce) & usually filled with only yellow cheese & onions, I luuuv green chicken enchiladas (corn tortillas) topped w/white cheese and dollop of sour cream [optional] plus side of mex. rice, re-fried beans, some guac, corn chips, pico de gallo/salsa, *plus* side order of flour tortillas. Depending on time of meal, will consume either beer, coffee, or soda. 

Did I also mention I love both Austin-style burritos & Taco Bell's $0.99 bean/cheese version with their in-house sm packets of TB (tm) sauce? Also, have a weak spot for Dairy Queen meat tacos & their onion rings & 'Frosted Cokes' [aka vanilla ice-cream & soda float blended.] ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Gosh, if I could eat a burger (2 actually ;-P] right now, don't know if I would rather have a combo guac-burger topped w/blue cheese, roasted garlic, onion, tomato, romain or any lettuce tho not iceberg *or* burger w/mushroom, garlic, onion topped w/swiss & cheddar cheese, brown mustard, tomatoes, lettuces (no iceberg) on toasted onion or potato buns, hawaiian bread ok. Also, sandwiches made with cold steak & lots of mayo/pepper or cold leftover meatloaf w/lots of mayo, pepper, salt would be 2nd choice. Bread could be either 'hoagie' roll (softish french) or some toasted whole wheat splashed w/sm smear of brown mustard. Good pickles on the side. Would prefer some pringles potato chips too not fries. *Luv* pringles chips (am craving their saltiness) ok. sorry for early morn 'food-porn' txt ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


Miscellany - Am watching cooking show on NHK (Japanese-English Language TV station) about 'country cooking' in relatively unknown sm villages located in the 'outer' prefectures [aka counties, boroughs, 'metropolitan areas' etc] of Nippon & they showed indoor 'pit' cooking using lg flat stones over a fire. 

NHK highlighted cooking sm strips of breaded venison steak which I *always* luved to eat growing up. I remember going to Rifle/Fishing Equipment Shop & Cold Meat Locker, which employed a butcher, after successful hunting wkend @ 'the Lease' [Ranch Land owned by 'Killiam Family; Rented yrly for about 15 yrs by us, the Ewing Family & the Yeary Fam.; think thats all] Ok, Sorry, txt longer than originally intended *but* blah blah blah... here's my question: Remember Dad always ordered venison sausage to be made in addition to deer flank steak & deer burger patties when dropping off killed clean & gutted deer. I *fondly* remember eating venison steak but *NOT* deer sausage or 'hamburger' patties. WHY? Did He give that meat away to Other Family Members, Friends, or Business Associates? 

If gifted to  others, would not surprise me cause He could be very generous [but sometimes think he gave it away cause he didn't like taste but never gave us, his immediate family, the opportunity to form our own personal taste through experience.] Also, sometimes he was in dire financial straits & could be a 'cheap bastard'. Which one? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Dont know 


East meets West (recipes courtesy of ex-girlfriend of Chinese Immigrant Stock but born & raised in Honolulu, Hawaii 

Avocado halfs with pit-hole filled w/Soy Sauce; Rice, Over-Easy Eggs topped w/Crispy Bacon & Oyster Sauce.

Am also big fan of [caramelized] Vienna Sausages & Spam Meat for breakfast w/French Toast, Fried & Scrambled Eggs. It's really good!


The United States of America produces the worst rice crop in the world. It's terrible crap when compared to the crops where rice is a daily diet staple of the population. U.S.A. Wheat is perhaps very good but rice production is emblematic of the 'product quality' of American Goods, imo, which really are rather poor after discounting hype etc. Sure, West Texas Sweet Crude Oil is the Best in the World but it has nothing to do w/American Ingenuity etc. It's a by-product of nature & g*d, not something 'manufactured/produced' by "hard-working American labour" :-P 


Man, I sometimes get very tired of my liquid 'Boost' Diet...  the Daily Beer portion though, not so much :-P [don't eat 'solid food since throat cancer surgery year & half ago; peg tube was inserted into stomach then]

Oops, meant ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ok. bye.