Sunday, December 31, 2017

Heads Up: Rescue Mission

Neighbor was in my Mother's backyard garden today trying to collect Monarch Butterflies/Caterpillars that are in danger cause of the sudden & recurring drops in temperature. Neighbor also gathering leaves from the milkweed bushes for butterfly/caterpillar nutritional purposes. Both the front yard & backyard gardens are butterfly havens. Is impressive.


Note: Hat-Tip, DJ Producer & Engineer Robin Sharrock has done a fine job w/his 'Remixes' [5.1 Downmix] of full albums by Talking Heads. AA(P) Recommended Listening.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Twitter Feed Screenshots

np: The Clash - Sandinasta! (Disc 2 via youtube)

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Wow. Incredible.

While walking Winnie in backyard today (Wed., Dec. 27th) around noon @ my Mother's Lake Conroe Home/Residence in Willis, Tx decided to continue her mid-day walk, even though it's windy & chilly outside, cause Winnie (house dog) is sorta sick ie she's been doing "lotsa double duty" aka her 'shat got the runs' lately so while next door on empty adjacent lot (new owners from Houston have yet to build though they've owned the property for about 4-5yrs) a sm bird of prey (unknown bird species) said 'hello' by swooping down & bulletting past my face (or so it seemed) but probably said bird was really about 3-4 ft above my head traveling @ guesstimate speed of 30-35mph, no exageration..

Anyways, to continue & make this long dog tale longer, decided to make it a regular dog walk & not just a 'sick run' so left lot & crossed street continuing dog excursion. After 5 mins noticed two other birds of prey which were much lger, probably weighing slightly more than 2lbs each (was not able to identify what type of hawks) who were just gliding & circling high in the sky on the cold winds that I know seem much colder from my vantage view spot on the ground cause these winds are coming straight off the Lake etc. Also, think this pair of hawks are mates & have a nest in a pine tree on other next door neighbor's property. Anyways, sorry, no photos. Just out walking the dog.

Addendum Note: Each Wingspan of the two Hawks was slightly longer than 2.5 ft.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Afternoon Xmas Beer ("Pry Off Cap") & Xmas Dinner 45 Mins Later

Thirsty Goat Beer - Amber Ale
12 Fl. Oz.
6.8% ALC/Vol
30 IBU

Bottled& Brewed in Austin, Tx

Note: Brewery is about 10-15 min drive from Dripping Springs residence of my Sister
& Brother-In-Law

Xmas Dinner: Prime Rib (Bone In). Yorkshire Pudding, Roasted Potatoes, Leeks/Carrots/Brussel Sprouts medley, & some White Wine

Christmas - Dripping Springs, Tx

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Santa's Favorite Baker

Mom in the kitchen a wk or two ago baking dog biscuits for all our immediate family's k9s scattered around the State of Texas in various cities depending where each "canine-owning" sibling lives/resides etc.

Pictured is Winnie on comfy chair in Willis, Tx (a sm town near Conroe & about a 55 min drive to Houston)

Thursday, December 21, 2017

[*] 7-yr-old Tx Girl Sends a Letter & Questionaire to Santa Claus

1) Can your elves be on a naughty list?
2) How cold is the North Pole?
3) Is Rudolf sick?
4) I've been very good this yesr.

[*} Note: 7-yr-old girl is named Harper & is my younger Brother's youngest Child.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thursday, October 26, 2017

PBS Sucks. AA(P) Update Later.

Why has the hatred for Public Broadcast never been more palatable?  Why did [channels 35.1-35.4] sell out their public airwaves for $135million?

Reason: "To further expand their 'foundation outreach' *plus* expand bottom line... blah blah blah." Am sure 'Executive Suite' etc. very happy πŸ–•F.O. Blue Suits.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

LST CH - 4:20am, Sunday

Three Stooges [17.2, Antenna TV] <--> King's Highway [12.2, WHYY2]


Darn. NHK World (35.2) is going off-air on Sept 30th cause owner of channels 35.1 - 35.4, MiND TV sold their rights to these airwaves @ FCC auction for $150million plus. Think a wireless phone company purchased them. .... spokesperson said company would use said monies to expand their footprint online as, according to them, this is the future of media. Imo, they've made a terrible business decision. Also, don't know if MiND TV, France24, & RT getting the boot too. I seriously hope NHK & the 3 other 'sister stations' find another over-the-air home here in Philly for those of us who don't have cable. Those 4 stations are probably, in addition to IonLife, the tv channels I watch most.

Monday, September 18, 2017

NFL Boycott

Best reason I've read for why professional QB Colin Kaepernick is currently an unemployed NFL player after protesting before games last season by not standing for The National Anthem & 'taking a knee' during the pre-game ceremonies etc. [via Deadspin Comments Section ]


Welp, today is 1st wkend of college football. Haven't told anyone but am boycotting *all* NFL games this season. I know, you may think it silly or 'non-effectual stance' but it's something I gotta do for various reasons I won't bother listing. Haven't watched single pre-season play [game etc] tho may have caught glimpses while channel surfing & local news showing highlights but doesn't count blah blah blah. Anyways, today did watch NC take 3 point lead after intercepting Cal & score td coupla plays later so will watch some NCAA action this season though am purdy sure will continue NFL Boycott ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ok. Over/Out


Very surprisingly, boycotting the NFL was much more difficult than I imagined. Though I didn't watch a single-play of today's action, stopped briefly on both Eagles/Skins & Cowboys game while channel-surfing & boy, did I really wanna watch em... but hey, I'm a guy with 'real moral standards' [umm so far] ;-P therefore boycott still in effect. Ok. Over/Out.


Unrelated: Why is unemployment so high in USA when stock prices & economy generally growing past 8 years? One reason, perhaps, cause if unemployment high, American Youth, irregardless of race but generally of 'middle or lower-classes', will enter Military Service for pay or college opportunities... ie United States has a 'Voluntary Military' not Draftees tho Military Service also an option for those 'Convicted of Crimes' etc. What is correlation between 'tough Drug Laws' & High Prison Population of Minorities & Poor Whites & those 'Serving' in Military vs 'Serving Time in Prison'?

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Reality TV - Part IV

[*] "I bring the men who desire death as ardently as you desire life." -- Khalid ibn al-Walid (seventh-century Islamic warrior, companion of Muhammad)

warning: long & maybe boring blog post entry

'Is this a Church or Discotheque?'

Service started with low/deep purple lighting plus an ice-machine spewing fog. Congregation mostly white/young & very 'evangelical'. Each seat had sm creamer-like container w/grape juice plus what looked like a lifesaver candy (gluten-free) that served as communion/host bread. Service started put w/live band including drummer that played sorta 'new-wave' Christian based lyrics/music etc. 'New Wave' Group prolly played 2 songs for about 10mins total.

Sermon was 2nd in 3part series. this wk was focused on scripture Roman8, verses5-13 which was anchored by 'visual' from movie 'Karate Kid' where student (ralph m) is mentored by asian guy with saying/practice of "wax on, wax off" while cleaning & washing outside of automobile.

3 words were used as catchphrase during service... discipline, sanctification, & activation. Heres are gospels quoted during service: (*)John4:20 (*)Philipians4:8, (*)Romans12:2 (*)John15:5 on lg multiple tv screens.

Various Quotes I jotted/noted - "Sinfull Nature is The Flesh"; "God's Revelation -> Activation -> Participation"; "Sanctification"; "Need Discipline to be Disciple"; "Lack of Focus? Holy Spirit Helps w/Priorities"; Focus, Sanctification, & Activation: Holy Spirit's Empowerment is to help us live out our purpose"; "Participation is evidence of God's transformation"

Like I said before, congregation is very young & perhaps a bit too "evangelical" for me but will attend another service or 2 before deciding whether this Church is for me or not etc.(

ok.bye :-)

>Are you going to try Church again? Just curious!

Yes. There are 2 services; 10am & 11:30. Same sermon but wonder if atmosphere is different. Went to 10am last wk so will try 11:30 this wk :-)

Didn't have 'cash' on me for $dollar-donation but a 'Block Church Team Member' said "no problem" about taking Bible plus 2 small 'spiritual booklets' etc.

Bible & 2 spiritual guide booklets mentioned earlier; picked up @ 'Block Church' service Sunday Morn.


Great News! The Catholic Cathedral (St. Adalbert Church) nearby w/very lg Polish congregation has a 9am service in English so think my Sundays will be traditional/conservative service 1st then 3 blocks away will attend the 10:30 'evangelical' sermon (there is no 'mass') @ 'The Block Church'. Sounds like a 'full' Sunday morn but what the hey, I'll give it a try :-)


Children learn from parents, both 'good habits' & 'bad' ones so Thank You for giving me a strong & resilient template! Though physically I maybe somewhat alone & isolated here in Philly BUT I *felt* presence of family & friends spiritually even if said persons (you, siblings, friends/in-laws etc) were at a distance geographically.  Also, when one matures, adversity just seems to be flip-side of good-life coin etc... what I mean is a whole & full life can be both good & difficult.

So, think I will keep attending 'Block Church' @10am service but perhaps not join in on the prayer groups, something I'm not ready for & I think another church (cathedral actually) down the street perhaps has an 11ish service I can also attend, which is more conservative & traditional tho I don't know the denomination. Attending both services would be a good combination :-) I'll see how it works out etc but right now thats my plan.


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Via InfoWars Comments Section: I'll see ya' Acts 2:38 and raise you I Corinthians 1:17, Romans 10:9,10 and Acts 10:44-48 Saved first, Holy Ghost first, then water - which never has been required for the metamorphosis to a new creation; FORMULAS ARE WORKS,,,,, and LOTS are in lava because of false teachings.... Toss in Acts 11:13-18 for good measure -- saved ONLY by Words.


*[Epigraph] Black Flags: The Rise of Isis by (Pulitzer Prize Winning Author) Joby Warrick; Published by First Anchor Books, Sept. 2016; personal sidenote - only book currently checked out from Free Library of Philadelphia (FLP) in addition to various compact discs & dvds. Man, gotta start reading more again! Doesn't matter whether fiction or not. Enjoy literature & also reference books :-)


Interesting Links:

[*] Iran has hidden away one of the world's greatest treasure troves of Modern Art

[*] Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Galleries at Moore

Come celebrate the 100th Anniversary of The Benjamin Franklin Parkway! Moore will present Drew Nugent & the Midnight Society outside the College's main entrance and The Galleries at Moore and The Art Shop will be open until 9:00 pm.
Go back to the time of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Jelly Roll Morton, and the rest of the Jazz Age greats! Drew Nugent & the Midnight Society is Philadelphia’s very own RED HOT Jazz ensemble. They specialize in playing jazz, blues,and pop music from the Jazz Age in the true spirit of the Roaring Twenties—right down to the instrumentation and duds of the era.

Admission is free. There will be events all up and down The Parkway as well at the museums and other venues. A great way to spend a Friday in Philly!


Fri, September 8, 2017
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT


Moore College of Art & Design
1916 Race Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Reality TV - Interlude / Commercial Break

Had very decent day today :-) Ran outta tape that I use to secure peg-tube to stomach otherwise it would just pop out if not heavily bandaged ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  so headed off to Walmart, a 30 min walk aka 'leisurely stroll' since was beautiful Aug day (temp mid 80s & scattered clouds) Could've taken public transportation but since its Sat., busses on wkend schedule so really wouldn't get to destination any quicker.

Coupla wks ago agreed to participate in study questionnaire @ Temple U. Hosp: 'Cancer Study/Survey (Gene-Environmental Interactions & Racial Disparities in Head & Neck Cancers)' which took about 2 hrs to complete & afterwards they unexpectedly gave me 2 Walmart gift-cards ($10 each) so bought two rolls of 'athletic tape' for stomach/peg-tube, 3 diff kinds of stick deodorant/perspirant cause its summer & I *always* have problem w/underarm body order ie I'm a 'real stinker' so at this time of year gotta use 2 diff deodorants at same time. I also purchased 2 cds (Prince - Around the World In A Day containing hits 'Raspberry Beret' & 'Pop Life' plus the 1st self-titled album by group Boston, an old fave I didn't have in my current cd collection) 

On way home picked up 3 cans of 'Bud Ice' for $5; I know, Budweiser? But like I told 'Tx Guys Crew' yesterday, not only are they cheap, Bud Ice is 'pleasant' on my stomach ie no acid-reflux & since it goes down my peg-tube, taste is not really a concern. If I was drinking beer through mouth would prolly buy $2 pint of PBR @ 'Corner-Bar(tm)' instead :-) So anyways left home w/$10.25 plus 2 $10 gift cards & bought all the afore-mentioned stuff & returned home w/$1.75. A successful shopping day indeed! Ok. Thats all. Over/Out.

addendum - fwd link: while listening to today's purchases, googled 'Prince Albums, Ranked'  & stumbled upon this newly posted (today!) article. Interesting read :-)

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Reality TV - Part III

Thx for sending lake/mountains [Breckinridge, Co.] photo. Fortunately went to library yesterday & hooked up my phone to FLP wifi (am outta  some verizon [😠grrrr 😑] cellular data-information transportation) Question though, why is there a lg silver-colored pipe partially exposed in lake? ie what is purpose of pipe? btw, seems your vacation spot is a beautiful example of what is imagined when thinking of 'typical Colorado landscape" :-) ok. over/out.


[Weather Update  - Pls include Photos] Philly is beautiful today! :-) My next door neighbor, Ruth - Mother of Landlord - Ha! has gone the whimsical route for yard! Takes getting used to but is actually very visually entertaining. Btw, she is Mother of Landlord (John & Carol have entire 3rd fl as his & wife's "wkend residence". They also recently built a very nice wood deck on roof. He's a good & honorable exterior/onterior bldg contractor) Anyways, that is 'background story'... so, How is Breckenridge, Co., Dripping Springs, Tx., & Melbourne, Fla today [weather-wise]?


Addendum: [names redacted], Thx for latest pics from Colorado & Galveston, Tx. Just got new monthly ration of data transportation from Verizon yesterday so received yr photos last nite @around 11pm ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Reality TV - Part II

Programs that have recently kept me glued to 'The Boob Tube'

*  Person of Interest/Elementary (PHL17) Sunday; 4/5pm & 11pm/Midnite 

*  Chef at Home / Chef at Large with Michael Smith: M-F, 9am-11am, 2 episodes each & Room to Grow, Saturday & Sunday - various times, back to back 1/2 hr episodes, ION Life, Channel 61.3, which is Canadian version of 'Live-Well Network' [6.2, over-air, not cable is a channel whose orig. ep. programs I've all seen numerous times though will *usually* watch repeats of 'Knock It Off' with Monica (yum-yum-yum) & Jess, 'Home with Lisa Quinn' [again, yum-yum w/tattoos], & 'One Mexican Plate @ A Time with Chicago Celebrity Restauranteur/Chef Rick Bayless (Brother of former ESPN Sports Program Opinionator/Analyst Skip], & 'My Family Recipe Rocks! w/host & former "Boy-Bander Celebrity Vocalist & Singer" Joey Fatone.)]


*  Cooking Tidbit Hits: Famous TV Celebrity Chef Rick Bayless (who specializes in fine-dining Mexican Cuisine) says roasted garlic 'mush' plus peanuts blended w/avocados is absolutely delicious :-) please try next time you make guacamole. Would love to know if true! I can already smell it... yum yum.

--> What is ratio?

Um, would 'guesstimate' 3 sm garlic cloves & handful of peanuts. good luck & well wishes! am very excited!

"If you believe in something, you can stand-up for it." Celebrity Chef Charles Arthur "Art" Smith (Oprah's Personal Cook)

*    X-Files (PHL17) Tues - 9pm & 1am - 2episodes) Sat; 9 & 11pm (repeat of Tues' eps)

*    Quantum Leap (COZI-TV 10.2) 1am M-F

*   Pawn Shop (PHL17) 3-5pm Sundays 

*  Democracy Now! (MiND TV - Channel 35.1) 6-7pm, M-F

* Antique Road Show (PBS - WHYY - Channel 12.1) Monday, 8pm


"Art is inter-connected & related to social justice/change." excerpted quote from PBS Documentary Series: Art in the Twenty-First Century (Mexico City) on WHYY2 (one of 3 PBS Channels airing in Philly Area/Metropolis). 

Interesting Side Note: Program was funded by The National Endowment for the Arts, Andy Warhol Foundation, & James Joyce Foundation. Also, according to advertisement after program, this is a series of shows & next episode focuses on Artists in Los Angeles. Don't know when next episode is but would recommend viewing future ones if/when you channel surf & end up on PBS.   

Another Art Quote [stored & saved for on my phone notebook]: "The fringes of Art is mostly made of people trying to 'explore' the definition of 'Art.' ” 


Personal Note & Hat-Tip: Mind Network - In Philadelphia - Channels 35.1 Media Independent Programming; 35.2 NHK; 35.3 France24; 35.4 RT; Only complaint about Mind Network Channels is that they air *way* too many National Weather Administration Warnings or testing of Emergency Broadcast Systems. Seems these Alert Bulletins/Tests *always* interrupt interesting or enlightening political & humanities/arts programming. Also MeTV, channels 2.1-2.4, though sometimes difficult to receive for some reason but good, quality programming from the recent past.  

Ok. Over & Out :-)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Reality TV - Part I

Tex Mex Dishes [Border Town Terms/Words]

Chalupas = Tostados (deep fried round corn tortillas with toppings [usually re-fried beans, guacamole, cheddar cheese, grated iceberg lettuce, chopped white onions, dollop of pico de gallo/salsa & optional sour- cream])

Mariaches = Breakfast Tacos (Flour Tortillas Only [specifically Sunday barbocoa (24 hr underground bbq'd young 'kids' aka goat)- yum yum, so good)]

Raspas = Shaved Ice 'Snow-Cones

... wow, also I really luv chorizo/scrambled eggs w/hint of salsa or dollop of pico-de-gallo atop filling *plus* I love guac/butter on flour tortillas. Bacon, butter (scrambled eggs a plus! w/yellow cheese & again salsa or pico de gallo) on flour tortillas [either one] so very good. 

Salt & peppered rare steak w/white cheese between dbl-stacked corn tortilla plus lg smear of guac & salsa/pico de gallo *always* a fave. Other breakfast tacos favored [honorable mentions] are seasoned chicharrons/flour torts, bean/cheese/flour torts & of course 'flautas' [tightly rolled deep-fried corn tortillas filled w/either shredded chicken or beef which, following deep-fry, are dipped in side dish of guac & either salsa or pico de gallo. 

Also, I love good tamales & even though I grew up eating freshly made (Tex-Mex) corn tortilla enchiladas (w/red sauce) & usually filled with only yellow cheese & onions, I luuuv green chicken enchiladas (corn tortillas) topped w/white cheese and dollop of sour cream [optional] plus side of mex. rice, re-fried beans, some guac, corn chips, pico de gallo/salsa, *plus* side order of flour tortillas. Depending on time of meal, will consume either beer, coffee, or soda. 

Did I also mention I love both Austin-style burritos & Taco Bell's $0.99 bean/cheese version with their in-house sm packets of TB (tm) sauce? Also, have a weak spot for Dairy Queen meat tacos & their onion rings & 'Frosted Cokes' [aka vanilla ice-cream & soda float blended.] ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Gosh, if I could eat a burger (2 actually ;-P] right now, don't know if I would rather have a combo guac-burger topped w/blue cheese, roasted garlic, onion, tomato, romain or any lettuce tho not iceberg *or* burger w/mushroom, garlic, onion topped w/swiss & cheddar cheese, brown mustard, tomatoes, lettuces (no iceberg) on toasted onion or potato buns, hawaiian bread ok. Also, sandwiches made with cold steak & lots of mayo/pepper or cold leftover meatloaf w/lots of mayo, pepper, salt would be 2nd choice. Bread could be either 'hoagie' roll (softish french) or some toasted whole wheat splashed w/sm smear of brown mustard. Good pickles on the side. Would prefer some pringles potato chips too not fries. *Luv* pringles chips (am craving their saltiness) ok. sorry for early morn 'food-porn' txt ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


Miscellany - Am watching cooking show on NHK (Japanese-English Language TV station) about 'country cooking' in relatively unknown sm villages located in the 'outer' prefectures [aka counties, boroughs, 'metropolitan areas' etc] of Nippon & they showed indoor 'pit' cooking using lg flat stones over a fire. 

NHK highlighted cooking sm strips of breaded venison steak which I *always* luved to eat growing up. I remember going to Rifle/Fishing Equipment Shop & Cold Meat Locker, which employed a butcher, after successful hunting wkend @ 'the Lease' [Ranch Land owned by 'Killiam Family; Rented yrly for about 15 yrs by us, the Ewing Family & the Yeary Fam.; think thats all] Ok, Sorry, txt longer than originally intended *but* blah blah blah... here's my question: Remember Dad always ordered venison sausage to be made in addition to deer flank steak & deer burger patties when dropping off killed clean & gutted deer. I *fondly* remember eating venison steak but *NOT* deer sausage or 'hamburger' patties. WHY? Did He give that meat away to Other Family Members, Friends, or Business Associates? 

If gifted to  others, would not surprise me cause He could be very generous [but sometimes think he gave it away cause he didn't like taste but never gave us, his immediate family, the opportunity to form our own personal taste through experience.] Also, sometimes he was in dire financial straits & could be a 'cheap bastard'. Which one? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Dont know 


East meets West (recipes courtesy of ex-girlfriend of Chinese Immigrant Stock but born & raised in Honolulu, Hawaii 

Avocado halfs with pit-hole filled w/Soy Sauce; Rice, Over-Easy Eggs topped w/Crispy Bacon & Oyster Sauce.

Am also big fan of [caramelized] Vienna Sausages & Spam Meat for breakfast w/French Toast, Fried & Scrambled Eggs. It's really good!


The United States of America produces the worst rice crop in the world. It's terrible crap when compared to the crops where rice is a daily diet staple of the population. U.S.A. Wheat is perhaps very good but rice production is emblematic of the 'product quality' of American Goods, imo, which really are rather poor after discounting hype etc. Sure, West Texas Sweet Crude Oil is the Best in the World but it has nothing to do w/American Ingenuity etc. It's a by-product of nature & g*d, not something 'manufactured/produced' by "hard-working American labour" :-P 


Man, I sometimes get very tired of my liquid 'Boost' Diet...  the Daily Beer portion though, not so much :-P [don't eat 'solid food since throat cancer surgery year & half ago; peg tube was inserted into stomach then]

Oops, meant ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ok. bye.


Friday, August 18, 2017

Hope & Remembrance: Park Release of Birth-Date Msg Balloons

Kimberly Claire Yates Burleson 1966 - 2017

Addendum: OF COURSE!! Got Phone Call in Middle of Video!!! Totally F*cked It Up!! :-( 
>Ohhhh no can u do it again

Nope!! :-(

>Send what u have... its ok
>It is ok my balloons went into a tree

Turns out phone call that *ruined* my balloon vid was robocall from Breast Cancer Charity seeking donations/monies ($$$) hmmmpf  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

>They must have seen ur balloons 

:-) That makes me feel better! Thx!

My new 'summer bracelet' :-)

Well vid no longer exists. Tried editing but accidentally deleted what I wanted to save yet kept the garbage footage. Am lucky I took 'stills' ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Technology, eh?

Am curious... when editing video shot on yr i-phone do you use standard apple tools or did you download a special program to do it? I *HATE* my phone right now. Much prefer my microsoft tablet or my sm hand-held digital camera for vids. Apple iphones are way *over-rated* in my opinion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Sorry... I *really* do love my phone :-)

^Addendum II - Screenshots from remaining 1second video ('Balloons in Sky - Kim Memorandum')^ after accidentally deleting good footage & keeping the remaining 'garbage visuals'. Squint hard enuff & you can actually see balloons in blue sky :-)

Hey All - Ok. Went to FLP yesterday. Was able to see Kim's balloon release vid that Leslie sent me. Wow. Good Job. Very Touching. Was *very* surprised to see my balloon msgs included also. Thx for including me too! btw, while @ Richmond-Branch (& hooked-up to internet) got photo of [name redacted] lake-fishing (Conroe?) He looks good & happy :-) don't know whether cause catch seems lg or because he's lost some lbs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  thx for sending pic. Ok. Over/Out.