Monday, February 8, 2016

Love / Hate

Awkwardly Adorable

His awkwardness along with seemingly condescending and cold look on his face is enough to keep some from talking to him, "Arrogant" is among the adjectives people think of him the most. There seems to be deep thought and curiosity etched in his face quite frequently. He looks like he is always contemplating something, As though he might take everything literally to the bone and he might misunderstand any figurative speech, He radiates intelligence. However it is sometimes masked by geekiness. In some eyes and in some circumstances these go hand in hand. They do in this case. He obsesses over the most minuscule subjects and over-analyzes the single detail he is currently examining. He may look quite simple and straightforward, but when you dig beneath the surface you find all of the fascinating flaws and strengths that make him quietly shine.

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