Friday, January 15, 2016

(*) New Phone #, Txt Conversation, Other Stuff etc.

Allan Smithee: "Hello. [Name Redacted] here. This is my new phone/txt number. As with all things you love, please use responsibly. Thanks."

Debbie: "Wow what happen to the other phone"

Deb: "Hello"

AS: "Ha. Good news. I was gifted an iPhone recently :-)"

AS: "I'm still a little slow though"

Deb: "Lmao"

Deb: "When are you coming home"

AS: "Seems like never. Am at hospital again. Blacked out yesterday at Doctors office"

Deb: "On no hope you are OK"

AS: "I'm fine now. Seems if something can go wrong lately, it will."

(*) Tues, Jan. 12th, 7:40pm