Monday, December 28, 2015

Rehabilitation Facility

Post Surgery / Extended Hospital Stay

Last Tues. Evening (Dec. 22nd) was transferred to a Rehab Facility in "Souf" Philly. Had spent slightly less than four weeks in the hospital recuperating, following the removal of an enlarged cancer tumor in the throat/neck area. ENT Surgeon had told me removal & post-care would be relatively easy and simple. 10-12 days max, then life would probably be back to "close to normal." Surgery was a bit more complicated than expected, lasting about 11 hours instead of the estimated 6-8.

Rehab is somewhat more painful than the hospital stay, i.e., Morphine is no longer a pain medication that is available to me every couple of hours. Am currently taking an oxy-opioid every 4 hours through a stomach feeding tube and am also wearing a fentanyl patch that is changed every 3 days.

Note: Frederick Douglass Hospital Historical Marker is mere steps from the main entrance of Rehab Facility.