Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Banana Peel Trope Slip

Still Tickin': The Return of A Clockwork Orange - The Interviews: Part Three (5:14 mark)

"Despite all the claims of sociologists that there are abundant studies proving a direct correlation of represented violence to violence enacted, I think that the, it's mini-school, minuscule compared to the overwhelming numbers of people, millions upon millions of people, who would see any given violent movie; that the seeds for violent behavior have been sown long before the individual film."

-- Professor Camille Paglia, Writer and Critic

Friday, October 9, 2015

City Paper Obit

Bell Curve: CP's Weekly Quality-of-Life-O-Meter

By Patrick Rapa
Published: 10/08/2015 0 Comments Posted |

[-4]  This is the last issue of City Paper. The district attorney is legally permitted to seize it from you at any time.
[+1]  This is the last issue of City Paper. Thank you for storing your garbage in our boxes.
[-5]  This is the last issue of City Paper. Orange is the new not around anymore.

[+3]  This is the last issue of City Paper. Does anyone know the Blue-Book value on a gently used A.D. Amorosi? Asking for a friend.
[-1]  This is the last issue of City Paper. Stu Bykofsky outlived us.
[+5]  This is the last issue of City Paper. Thus ends the 250-year run of the publication that began as Benjamin Franklin’s Ye Olde Punk Zine and Silly Hat Directory.
[-1]  This is the last issue of City Paper. Maybe we shouldn’t have given it away for free.
[+100]  This is the last issue of City Paper. The schools are fixed, the cops are clean, the theaters are packed, the bands are popular and the restaurants are booked. We’ve done all we set out to do.
This week’s total: +98  //  the year so far: +1,000,000
My name is Patrick Rapa. I've been editing and mostly writing the Bell Curve column for the last 10 years or so. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Philly Cig Tax: One Year Anniversary

Dear Customer,

Effective October 1, the City of Philadelphia Cigarette Tax goes into effect.

We have implemented the Cigarette Tax [$2.00 per pack] in all of our Philadelphia stores. We understand this price increase may be difficult for some customers, and hope customers remain aware of our commitment to value pricing and ongoing promotions across our store offer.

We also understand and wholeheartedly support the need to strengthen the schools and budget. We have been part of the Philadelphia community for more than 100 years, and have a long standing commitment to supporting our communities. We are committed to supporting education and children in many ways, including programs and community partnerships that champion children’s health, wellness, and well being.

If you have any questions regarding the cigarette tax increase please contact our Call Center at 1-800-[redacted].

©2014 Wawa Inc.
Buck Slip (PC) 


Personal Note: If your "politics" are left-of-center or progressive & you're a smoker, your opinions are sorta less than valid simply cause, hey, you feed the worst of corporate profits.