Friday, December 12, 2014

Flashback Friday: Sports Txts

@ChrisYates11: Mark Cuban is WRONG Here re: "Fans will turn away from 'greedy' NFL."

Allan Smithee: Anytime you're quoted disagreeing with Mark Cuban on a national stage is a WIN in caps!!

AS: If NFL goes to 18 games per season might be a match with MLB but WAY MORE DANGEROUS FOR NFL PLAYERS.

@ChrisYates11: MLB season too long.

AS: Why MCuban wrong. If NFL folds 10 yrs cause brain injury suits. Not that NFL on tv Sat Sun Mon Thurs.

@ChrisYates11: NFL too powerful. Yes you are right. Brain injuries bigger threat.

AS: MCuban comes from owner perspective. "Oh No. Sports gonna die cause of overexposure!! Let me cry into my billions of $$$. Injuries?? Players well compensated!!"

@ChrisYates11: Absolutely.