Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Replacements: Rarities & B-Sides


Dyslexic Heart (Singles soundtrack)
Waiting for Somebody (Singles soundtrack)
Seein’ Her (b-side of Knockin’ on Mine)
Men Without Ties (b-side of Knockin’ on Mine)
Dice Behind Your Shades (Festicle version, b-side of Knockin’ on Mine)
Can’t Hardly Wait (live ’93 Whiskey a Go-Go, b-side World Class Fad)
Left of the Dial (live ’93 Whiskey a Go-Go, b-side World Class Fad)
Another Girl, Another Planet (live ’93 Whiskey a Go-Go, b-side World Class Fad)
Answering Machine (live ’93 Whiskey a Go-Go, b-side World Class Fad)
Daydream Believer (live, b-side British single?)
A Star is Bored (Melrose Place Soundtrack)
Backlash (w/ Joan Jett) (Notorious LP)
Let’s Do It (w/ Joan Jett) (Tank Girl Soundtrack)
Sunshine (Friends Soundtrack)
Stain Yer Blood (Friends Soundtrack)
Make Your Own Kind of Music (Eventually Bonus Track Japan)
I Want My Money Back (Grandpaboy Single)
Undone (Grandpaboy Single)
Wonderful Copenhagen (Suicaine Gratification Bonus Track Europe)
33rd of July (Suicaine Gratification Bonus Track Europe)
Nowhere Man (I Am Sam Soundtrack)
Be Bad For Me (Folker Bonus Track Europe)

Bonus: Show More Songs

Medley Includes: "Hello, Goodbye" – The Beatles; "Lost Highway" – Hank Williams; "Born to Be Wild" – Steppenwolf; "Stupid Girl" – The Rolling Stones; "I'm Eighteen" – Alice Cooper; "I Am a Rock" – Simon and Garfunkel; "Rocket Man" – Elton John; "Dandy" – The Kinks

3oclockreep – 26:15
Finally Here Once – 3:00


If Only You Were Lonely (b-side of I’m In Trouble)
Hey Good Lookin’ (b-side of I Will Dare)
20th Century Boy (T Rex cover) (Let It Be Outtake)
Who’s Gonna Take Us Alive (Let It Be Outtake)
Temptation Eyes (Let It Be Outtake)
Street Girl (Let It Be Outtake)
Nowhere Is My Home (Boink LP – England)
Bundle Up (PTMM Rehearsal, Jungle Rock w/ new lyrics)
Empty As Your Heart (aka PO Box) (PTMM Rehearsal)
Time Is Killing Us (PTMM Rehearsal)
Kick It In (PTMM Rehearsal)
Run For The Country (PTMM Rehearsal)
Going Out Of My Head (PTMM Rehearsal)
(“We’ll learn it tomorrow. Think of another one.”)
Trouble On The Way (PTMM Rehearsal)
Make This Your Home (PTMM Rehearsal)
Cool Water (PTMM Rehearsal)
Route 66 (b-side of Alex Chilton)
Tossin’ and Turnin’ (b-side of The Ledge)
Ought To Get Love (Don’t Tell A Soul Outtake)
Kissing In Action (All Shook Down Outtake)

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From Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia

49:00 (styled 49:00... Of Your Time Life) is the seventh official solo album by Paul Westerberg. The album was originally slated for a release on July 19, 2008 (marketed as "June 49"), but digital distribution problems delayed its release until July 21.

The album is a single track that was sold on's Amazon MP3 service for 49 U.S. cents. According to Westerberg's manager, Darren Hill, the 49-cent price was initially a joke suggested by Westerberg: fans would pay "a penny a minute." Hill then shopped the idea to various retailers; Amazon was the only one willing to distribute the album for the 49 cent price. The album was later listed on Tunecore for worldwide distribution, as Amazon MP3 limits purchases to customers in the United States. The long sound collage is intended to mirror the experience of tuning a radio dial, with songs abruptly cutting off and starting.

49:00 has no track listing. Westerberg played all of the instruments himself. The project was finished on July 14, 2008, was delivered by Westerberg to Hill on the following day; it was available via Amazon on July 21, 2008 and hit #1 on the Amazon sales chart.

49:00 was deleted from TuneCore on July 29, 2008 and Amazon two days later. Westerberg has received no official explanation for the album's removal from either service. Celia Hirschman of KCRW explained that the sudden removal might have been due to cease and desist notices sent to music sellers. Westerberg confirmed this, saying, "Ten publishers came after us immediately 'cause I used all these snippets of songs that I recorded. It was either pay up or pull the thing."


3oclockreep is a 2008 album from Paul Westerberg. It includes material recorded with The Replacements for 1989's Don't Tell a Soul. The album was released on September 1, 2008, on TuneCore for $3.99; users could also purchase the tracks separately for $3.00 and 99 cents respectively.

Track listing:
  1. "3oclockreep" – 26:15
  2. "Finally Here Once" – 3:00
While 30clockreep does not have an official track listing for the title track, a tentative one has been made:
  1. "Tell 'Em All, Go to Hell" 2:49
  2. "Mash of Outtakes" 0:44
  3. "It's Ridiculous, Everybody Wants to Be Famous" 2:53
  4. "Only Excuse Is" 2:15
  5. "You're Still Mine" 1:05
  6. "If Only You Were Lonely" 1:00
  7. "Studio Ramblings" 1:15
  8. "We Know the Night" 3:06
  9. "Lowdown Monkey Blues" 5:08
The latter four feature Tom Waits


Chris Mars – drums
Slim Dunlap – lead guitar
Tommy Stinson – bass guitar
Tom Waits – vocals
Paul Westerberg – vocals and guitar