Tuesday, January 21, 2014

In Memoriam: Dennis Oppenheim

September 6, 1938 - January 21, 2011

“Device to Root Out Evil”
Made of Galvanized Steel, Perforated Metal, & Venetian Glass
20' H x 10' W x 12' D

Study for: Device To Root Out Evil
Pencil, Colored Pencil, Oil Wash & Oil Pastel on Paper
77" x 50


Personal Note:

In the early 90's while living in NYC, was a plant technician with various accounts, both residential & business.

Every Tues. or Thursday, for about 2 years, had an account in Tribeca. The Duplex Apartment was located on either the 8th or 12th floor. The maid would buzz me up.

I probably watered & took care of about 20 or so house plants. Was usually there for about 40 minutes per week. When upstairs in the master bedroom taking care of a few plants would always look out the large windows. Great view.

Remember watching for about 6 months, even during winter, an artist working on a building rooftop two or three streets over. He was constantly sanding, using both hand & machine, a couple of large pieces made of what looked like fiberglass. The forms were sort of semi-dome shaped & later included attached small passageways between the structures. Also, he occasionally used some kind of spray-gun to add materials to the pieces. Paint? More fiberglass?

About a year or two later, saw a Soho show featuring new sculptures by Dennis Oppenheim.

Thought it cool & sort of funny when I quickly realized that these pieces were the ones I had watched being crafted over a prolonged period of time while watering the house plants of some person I never met.