Saturday, August 31, 2013

ABCs: Talking Heads & Adverts

Was watching "respected" news show 'This Week' last Sunday and have to say it was utter crap & an hour wasted. Very shallow analysis re: the issues. It's embarrassing how short the American attention span & news-cycle is.

During one segment, the panel kept yabbering on about "no boots on the ground" for whatever new country we're planning to go to war with this time. It seems the details may change but the pro-war narrative remains constant.

Note: This PSA sponsored by BP, Goldman$achs, and Julie's Corner Bar (Port Richmond - Philadelphia)

postscript: wonder if the chemical (weapon) alleged in Syria is the same as the one that U.S. Armed Forces in Fallujah Iraq used back in 2004 (white phosphorus aka "Willy Pete")?

addendum: this is sort of an off-topic comment but Diane Sawyer of ABC World News comes across as a blind hunchback when anchoring though I watched her a couple of months ago when she wore dark heavy-framed glasses... oh my gosh! Such an Intelligent & Beautiful Woman!! MORE PLEASE!!!

Red Flag - Full Court Press

(*) CNN Paid Contributor: Watch For Bias With Al Jazeera Affiliate