Thursday, August 1, 2013

Open Letter to Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President,

This letter to you is one of concern and sort of a "state of the union" response if you had asked me (a citizen on the street) "How am I doing?"

I would have to answer, "I think you've lost faith in your voter base." I know the President is under extreme pressure, working basically 24 hours a day, not counting golf-hours (haha!), and has information the regular citizen does not have "legal access" to, but it seems you've begun to think that those with large amounts of money, or those in charge of large amounts of monies, ie, donors/bankers, are the "real or average" American. In other words, you've gone GOP.

Mr. President, to be blunt, I think you've failed re: your election platform (2008 & 2012) -- which was basically... We can improve America by being honest & working hard to better our individual & collective selves.


[Name Redacted]

Postscript: I'm a "Progressive" who also firmly believes that you don't think anybody is a whistle-blower but only a criminal.