Friday, March 30, 2012

Basketball & Rehab

When the San Antonio Spurs won their 1st NBA Championship over the NY Knicks (after the strike-shortened 1998-1999 regular season), I quietly watched the Finals on television (cheering on the Spurs) while being in a Manhattan Detox Facility for Alcohol Abuse.

Note: The 1st time I ever got beer-buzzed was while visiting San Antonio with a friend to play a tennis doubles-team tournament. The night before said match, we watched The Spurs (starring George Gervin aka "The Iceman") play. Our seats were in the upper-level at the HemisFair Plaza Arena. Don't remember opposing team.

Had 3-4 beers.

For the record, We (Doubles-Team) lost our 1st round tournament-match the following day (9 or 10 am.) Was probably either a Freshman or Sophomore in High School at the time.