Saturday, December 17, 2011

Well Known Tale

Two Monks & The Beautiful Woman

An old monk and a young monk were walking from one village to another. On the way they came to a river bank, which they had to cross. At the bank of the river they saw a young woman standing, afraid to cross it.

“Come,” said one of the monks, “I will carry you to the other side”. He took her on his back, and carried her to the other side of the river.

After crossing, the two monks continued walking silently for hours, until they reached their destination.

The younger monk could not keep silent any longer and exclaimed: ”Tell me, old man, what did it feel like to break your vow of many years? What did it feel like to allow sensuality to tempt you from your spiritual path? What did it feel like to have her smooth warm thighs wrapped around your waist, her breasts brushing against your back, her arms around your neck and her soft cheek almost one with our own? Tell me, old man, what is it like to carry such a beautiful young woman?”

The monk who carried the young women over the river smiled and said: “It is you who should tell me what it is like to carry such a beautiful women. You see I put her down 3 hours ago at the river, but you are still carrying her!”