Monday, December 12, 2011

breedlove: The Last Drunk

Will the last drunk to leave this honkytonk bring the bottle when you come?
The suits are here, and they’ve made it clear; we won’t be havin’ no more fun…
So pick your fights, shoot out the lights, waltz the barmaid ‘cross the floor
Then it’s bottoms up, drain your cup and head on out the door
Daddy was a drinking man, just like his dad before
They sat upon these barstools, they strode across this floor
They built this joint drink by drink, set 'em up and knocked 'em down
Beer by beer, shot by shot, they built themselves a town

And if there’s beers in heaven, they’re full of daddy’s angel tears
To see this hallowed watering hole dry up after all these years
I looked up from my beer one day, didn’t recognize a face
It seemed that all my drinking buds had slowly been replaced
It used to be just blue jeans, and scuffed up cowboy boots
Now they’ve got a ladies night, with chardonnay and suits
You can keep the curtains, the candles and the wine
I kinda liked the sawdust, and the longnecks were just fine.
The good times have just rolled away, and all the fun is gone
The 2 step’s turned to 12-step and everyone’s in al-anon
Drinking ain’t illegal, what’s a man to do?
There ain’t a bar that’s near nor far, where a man can get a brew
A drinking man’s a noble soul, to the bottle born and bred
The day the taps stop running cold is the day you’ll find him dead
I’ll take my stand with drink in hand, and if I have to choose
I’ll defend my right to drink all night to my final drop of booze
We may have lost the battle, but we ain’t lost the war
So rally the troops, and we’ll regroup at another corner bar

-Kingston Bunkley

via: The Silver Jews Bulletin Board