Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quad: Summer Speaker Starter Kits

No matter where this summer takes you, you'll always have plenty of flavors and sounds to savor right from your Pringles® can.

How to Get Your Pringles Can Speaker:

Step 1: Buy Pringles

Buy any four Super Stack cans. Save your receipt(s). Enjoy.

Step 2: Print Out Form

Get in front of the computer. (Nice work, you did it.) Download our snazzy PDF. Print it out.

Step 3: Fill Out & Mail Form

Fill out the form. Circle the Pringles item(s) on your receipt(s). Place form and receipt(s) in an envelope. Add postage to the envelope and seal it up!

Step 4: Wait It Out

Wait (at most 10 to 12 weeks), comforted only by the sound of crunching crisps until your speaker arrives.