Thursday, September 29, 2011

Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow

Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow, a film about the personal universe that Anselm Kiefer has built in the South of France.

"In 1993 Kiefer left Buchen, Germany for La Ribaute, a derelict silk factory near Barjac. From 2000 he began constructing a series of elaborate installations there. Like a strange, sprawling village, La Ribaute extends over 35 hectares and is composed of old industrial buildings and working studios that link to a network of underground tunnels dug out by Kiefer, which run underneath pavilions built to house paintings and installations. An underground pool at the cul-de-sac of a tubular iron tunnel is embedded within a crypt which backs onto to a 20 m tiered concrete amphitheatre. There are caves and woods, an open landscape of concrete towers – assembled like so many card houses – and secluded, private spaces. (…) the film enters into direct contact with the raw materials Kiefer employs to build his paintings and sculptures – lead, concrete, ash, acid, earth, glass and gold. Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow gives privileged access to Kiefer’s last days at La Ribotte prior to his move to Paris, where he now lives and works."

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

MLB Suggestion Box

(*) There should be two wild-card teams per league, playing a one-game sudden death to advance to the Division Series once the regular season is over.

(*) Both the League Championship Series & the League Division Series should be a best of seven.

(*) Realignment: The Houston Astros should move from the NL Central Division to the NL West & the Arizona Diamondbacks should move from the NL West to the AL West. Being a NL fan from Texas, it would be [insert cuss word] despicable to have two AL teams & no NL team in TX. Plus it's more geographically correct.

(*) The American League should only be able to use the Designated Hitter during the All-Star Game if they had won the previous World Series.

Note: Why I dislike the DH...

If no players are substituted during a complete inning of play, there should only be a total of 9 players taking the field/batting for each team *not* 10. Sort of Basic.

More MLB Suggestions:

From Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated:

Rule changes that need to happen

Did you see how Tampa Bay beat Boston last night (Sept. 15th)? A ground ball that should have ended the top of the third inning in a scoreless tie could not be caught by Boston shortstop Marco Scutaro because a broken bat was flying at him. A run scored and before you knew it, the Rays were up 4-0. It reminded me of three rule changes that need to be made immediately because they make so much sense:

1. An umpire can rule interference on the batter if his broken bat prevents a fielder from making an otherwise ordinary attempt at the baseball. The batter is ruled out -- in the same way a runner can be called out if the batter impedes the ordinary effort of the catcher to throw to a base on a steal attempt. Fielders shouldn't have to dodge flying objects that might impale them.

2. Pitches that strike any protective arm gear worn by the batter should be ruled a ball, not a hit batsman. It's easy to dive into pitches and hang over the strike zone when you're wearing armor. You should not be rewarded for it.

3. September rosters can be expanded to as many as 40 players, but game rosters shall remain at 25. Three hours before first pitch, each team must submit a list of 25 players eligible for that particular game -- that way you could, for instance, drop three starting pitchers not available that night and add three extra players. Let's stop such nonsense as playing 38 vs. 27 in pennant race games.

Incorrect Information:

Earned Run Average (ERA)

The earned run average measures pitching performance. The number represents the average number of runs a pitcher gives up in nine innings. An earned run is any run scored off a specific pitcher. Runs scored as the result of an error do not count as earned runs because they are not considered to be the pitcher's fault. The other team must "earn" the run for it to be counted in the ERA.

ERA is calculated by:

ERA = number of runs earned by the other team/number of innings pitched x 9
For example, if a pitcher gives up 18 earned runs in his first 60 innings:

ERA = 18 (runs earned by the other team)/60 (innings he pitched) x 9 = 2.70 runs per inning" <--incorrect, should be 2.70 runs per 9 innings

From the Baseball Field Guide
An in-depth illustrated guided to the complete rules of baseball
by Dan Formosa & Paul Hamburger
Page 228
published 2006, Avalon Publishing Group

Humor: Female Fans vs. Male Fans (**)

WandaWoman: "We care about Cole Hamel's butt & stance."

Guys: "We only care about his left arm."

Note: Jayson Werth is the Uggs Boots of Major League Baseball... Women love him & Guys don't really understand the attraction.

(**) Conversation at Julie's Corner Bar early afternoon Saturday (Sept. 24th)

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Silent Mind

Alan Watts introduces America to Meditation & Eastern Philosophy during an episode from a TV series called Eastern Wisdom and Modern Life which aired in San Francisco circa 1960.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

FLP Freebies (*)

Dante's Inferno (Bloom's Notes) -- Edited & With An Introduction by Harold Bloom
1996, Chelsea House Publishers

New Ideas From Dead Economists by Todd G. Buchholz
2007, Plume Books Printing (Second Revised Edition)

Last Night In Twisted River by John Irving
2005, Vintage Books

Break, Blow, Burn by Camille Paglia
2005, Vintage Books

The Art of Serving Food Attractively by Mary Albert Wenker
Illustrated by Helen Disbrow
1951, Double Day & Company

Last & Least

1963, Double Day & Company

Wikipedia Notes - Excerpt: In 1952, Dr. Menzel was appointed acting director of the Harvard Observatory. One of Menzel's early acts as the Director was to cause lasting bitterness and feelings of betrayal and shock among a large section of astronomers when he evicted on short notice the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) from their headquarters and appropriated almost all of their endowment.

The roughly $100,000 taken from the AAVSO's Pickering Endowment was used to fund Menzel's own solar research. Menzel's stated excuse for ejecting the AAVSO from their longtime (42 years) headquarters was that Building A was to be torn down, so the notice dated December 8, 1953 gave the AAVSO until January 1, 1954 to vacate their 384 square feet (35.7 m2) of office space. (Building A still stands.) When the AAVSO was on the verge of getting a new headquarters at Boston University (BU), on January 6, 1954, the offer was withdrawn after the BU official was called by Menzel.

Other Interesting Miscellany: In one of his last papers, "Superstars and The Black Hole Myth" (1976), Menzel concluded, based on his analysis of the Schwarzschild equations, that black holes do not exist, and he declared them to be a myth.

(*) Free Library of Philadelphia, Discard Pile @ Port Richmond Branch

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Million Random Digits With 100,000 Normal Deviates

Friday, September 16, 2011

City Paper - The Bell Curve

CP's Quality-o-Life-o-Meter

[-4] According to the Pennsylvania EPA, recent rainfall will likely lead to a "mosquito baby boom." And, six days hence, the demise of the "mosquito Social Security system."

[-9] PPA workers tell the Daily News about hardbacking, wherein officers write a ticket and log it into the system, but never deliver it to the customer, leading to exorbitant late fees. Which sucks, but we gotta admit we're surprised and maybe even a little impressed. It's like when your stupid dog figures out how to knock over the trash can so he can eat garbage. We have underestimated you, Parking Authority.

[0] Germantown Jewish Centre is evacuated after receiving a "suspicious package" that turns out to be a seder plate. Everybody's been on edge since the afikoman went missing.

[+1] Phillies outfielder John Mayberry attempts to arrange a date through his agent with an actress who played a mermaid in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but it turns out she's married. And just a regular lady, with legs and clothes.

[+2] A new Center City District report challenges politicians and residents to capitalize on the city's increased child population. "We'll do our part," say mosquitoes.

[-1] With the city preparing to increase its use of pesticides to ward off mosquitoes, local beekeepers say they're concerned about the effect it will have on bees and people. But mostly bees.

[0] Republican mayoral candidate Karen Brown says she will challenge Mayor Nutter to five debates. Then Nutter lights a citronella candle and she goes away.

[+1] Following increased violence on SEPTA vehicles and property, a new bill proposes that bus drivers be given the same "protected class" status afforded to cops and firefighters. Says bus driver, "I guess I'm allowed to blow through stop signs and red lights now. I've always wanted to, but I have too much respect for the laws and rules of orderly society."

This week's total: -10 | Last week's total: -10

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Charcoal/Pencil on Water Color Paper,
Two binder Clips & Two silver tacks

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Enduring Mysteries of 9/11

How Are You Commemorating?

“Ten years ago, members of al-Qaeda used four passenger aircraft as weapons to kill nearly 3,000 people on Sept. 11, 2001. The United States government’s response was to answer violence with violence. In the ensuing wars, hundreds of thousands more people have been killed. New York Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) urges everyone to recognize this anniversary as an occasion to remember that there are always alternatives to violence and that there is a Spirit in every human being, which responds with gratitude to these alternatives. ... We testify to the world that we disown all wars and fighting with outward weapons for any cause whatsoever. These are never necessary. There are no “just wars.” Among the weapons we renounce are the tongue and the pen, when these are used to provoke prejudice and hatred. Neither will we be silenced by fear when we are called to witness against evil masquerading as good. We seek to build a world in which a just peace is possible.” -- Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), New York Yearly Meeting

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Current Reading Pile

The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives by Leonard Mlodinow

[X] Recommended by Stephen Hawking
[ ] Not Recommended

Prologue Excerpt:

A few years ago a man won the Spanish national lottery with a ticket that ended in the number 48. Proud of his "accomplishment," he revealed the theory that brought him his riches. "I dreamed of the number 7 for seven straight nights," he said, "and 7 times 7 is 48."

Published 2008
Random House

Starting From Happy by Patricia Marx

[X] Recommended by Woody Allen
[ ] Not Recommended

Published 2011
Scribner Hardcover

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Celebration

Labor Related: "The Richmond Branch is closed today, Friday, Sept. 2nd. We apologize for any inconvenience."

Signage Posted @ said FLP Branch