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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

best bar talk - phils' pitcher lineup (game 5 cont.)

7th inning starter - J.C. Romero

8th inning reliever - Ryan Madson

Closer - 9th inning - Brad Lidge

via: Green Rock Tavern (last night)


Readers Write: Tonight’s Lineup, Courtesy A Bunch Of Drunks On Lehigh Avenue

"Though it seems unlikely, woe betide the man that thinks the predictors of this lineup don’t share a brain with Charlie Manuel."

Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Yellow Fever"

Study (In Duplicate)
Paint Program Medium

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sonic Youth’s July 4 Battery Park Show - Now Streaming via

posted October 23rd, 2008 at 11:30 am by Gerard C.

You might recall a couple of months ago someone on this blog (Matador Matablog) engaged in the distasteful practice of lording it over the rest of you just how terrific Sonic Youth’s 4th of July show was. This was exactly the sort of elitism and hatred of real america we’ve heard so much about over the past several days, and I can’t for the life of me understand why this blog doesn’t have a proper editor to put a halt to such things.

Fortunately, Jersey City’s WFMU, a free form, listener supporter broadcaster staffed by genuine salt-of-the-earth types (plumbers, hockey moms, jai alai dads, xtreme motocross uncles), have made the entire set available for on-demand enjoyment in streaming form. The set list was as follows (culled from WFMU’s Beware of The Blog) :

WFMU Intro / She Is Not Alone / Bull in the Heather / Silver Rocket / Skip Tracer / The Sprawl / The World Looks Red / Jams Run Free / Hey Joni / Cross the Breeze / The Wonder / Hypertstation / Drunken Butterfly / Making the Nature Scene / Pink Steam / Schizophrenia / 100%.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Piles of Dirty Laundry - Last Week

Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2008 (6:33 a.m.)

Two Days Later... No Movement

Same Day, No Movement Cont. (Outdoor Version)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Absinthe in Philadelphia

$6 per glass/serving
(tip not included)

Green Rock Tavern
Lehigh Ave./Livingston St.

Wikipedia Entry

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Neighborhood Footage (Cont.)

Port Richmond, Philadelphia, Pa.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Neighborhood Watch

Friday Afternoon, Oct. 17th, Port Fishington - Philadelphia, Pa. (*)

Radical vs. Terrorist

rad-i-cal adj. 1. going to the root or foundation of something, fundamental. 2. drastic, thorough, radical changes or reforms. 3. desiring radical reforms, holding extremist views. 4. (in mathematics) of the root of a number or quantity. radical n. 1. a person desiring radical reforms or holding extremist views. 2. an element or atom, or group of these, normally unaltered during the compound's ordinary chemical changes. 3. (in mathematics) a quantity forming or expressed as the root of another.

n. use of violence and intimidation, especially for political purposes.

ter'ror-ist n. & adj. ter-ror-ize (ter-o-riz) v. (ter-ror-ized, ter-ror-iz-ing) to fill with terror, to coerce by terrorism. ter'ror-iz-er n. ter-ror-i-za-tion n.

Oxford American Dictionary
Herald Colleges Edition

copyright 1980 by Oxford University Press, Inc.
copyright 1979 by Oxford University Press

First Avon Books Trade Printing: October 1986
First Avon Books Printing: August 1982

page 379 & page 951

Weekend Articles:

Republicans Rain Negative Automated Calls on Voters in Swing States

Obama-Ayers link involved Annenberg grant

Pa. GOP goes to court over ACORN


McCain draws bipartisan criticism for 'robo calls'


(*) Did you see it?

At 1:15 of the video, the sign inside the Locksmith Store
(Girard Ave.) states:

"McCain not Hussein"

Sort of shocking, no?


Say What?

"We believe that the best of America is in these small towns that we get to visit, and in these wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America, being here with all of you hard working very patriotic, very pro-America areas of this great nation."
-- Sarah Palin, in North Carolina

"I wish the American media would take a great look at the views of the people in Congress and find out if they are pro-America or anti-America."
-- MN Rep. Michelle Bachmann

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Philadelphia Phillies Are NL Champs - Clinch Series Berth

Phils Flag Flies

Headline Highlights From Yesteryear

Philly Phans - Bonus Round:

Take One

Take Two

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Clarion Call to Rebuild America

The Creation of a Provisional Federal Bank

In order to buy equipment, a company borrows $1 billion in the form of a secured bank loan. This loan is placed in structured portfolios by lenders, where equity is levered at a minimum of 10-to-1. This means for every $1 of cash equity invested, $9 are borrowed from financial markets.

Due to economic conditions, the company loan has lost 40% of its value, representing a $400 million loss to lenders. However, because structured portfolios are not easily unraveled, lenders must continue to pay interest on borrowed money (8.5%) until maturity (8 years), despite faults and declines in asset values. Because lenders have used leverage and payments of interest remain owing ($900 million x 8.5% x 8 years = $612 million), a decrease in value of 40% can equate to losses to the detriment of financial markets in excess of $1 billion ($400 million + $612 million) due to the effect of lost asset value and remaining interest owed on borrowed money.

Another $10 billion of synthetic term loan has been fabricated - pulled from thin air- and sold to the market (via CDS) by banks. CDS loan security is modest or insignificant as CDS represents bets on the underlying performance of the original term loan described above. The 40% loss of asset value now equates to an additional $4 billion ($10 billion x 40%) of losses that ripple through our financial markets.

While the company, in the normal course, borrowed $1 billion against purchased equipment, market mechanics engineered an imbalance of $11 billion potential liabilities ($10 billion CDS, $1 billion loan) to conflict with a much smaller asset base. Accordingly, $5 billion of losses are borne by financial markets ($1 billion on leverage; $4 billion on CDS) as a consequence to a 40% decline on a company's $1 billion term loan.

Advert Excerpt
published Tuesday, October 14, 2008
page B3
The New York Times


New York Times Editorial:

Mr. Paulson’s Client

Call it bailout, take two. With credit markets frozen and the financial system teetering on collapse, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has decided to invest $250 billion directly in the nation’s banks in exchange for an ownership stake. It is a bold move for a desperate time. But Mr. Paulson still has to do more to ensure that American taxpayers, whose money he is investing, get the best deal.

The hope is that new capital — along with a government guarantee for new bank debt issued over the next three years — will get the banks lending freely again. The approach — an about-face from Mr. Paulson’s earlier plan to buy up the banks’ bad assets — is more in line with European efforts. Coordination is essential to manage what has clearly become a global financial crisis.

By taking an equity stake, taxpayers could have a better chance of seeing an eventual return on their investment. If the banks do turn around, then the government, as a shareholder, reaps the benefits.

But we are disturbed that Mr. Paulson wants the government to be a passive investor with little say on how these banks are run, despite the billions of dollars at risk.

That means the banks’ current boards and current management — the same people who got the country into this mess — will still be making all of the decisions.

We are not arguing that the government must take direct control of the banks it invests in. But in the case of extreme mismanagement, insisting on the replacement of some of the negligent executives, managers or board members may be the prudent thing to do.

Mr. Paulson also is insisting that the government get preferred shares in exchange for its investment in the banks. Given how much risk American taxpayers are being asked to take on, that seems reasonable. Among other advantages, dividends on such shares are paid before common shareholders receive their payouts.

The Treasury should also insist on stepped-up government supervision to ensure that sound lending resumes — and that reckless lending does not. Government regulators need to frequently review the rescued firms’ operations, daily if necessary.

The government must also have a say in major business decisions, including mergers and acquisitions. It’s also important to note that Mr. Paulson has not abandoned his original idea to buy up the banks’ bad assets. (Congress gave him the power to use a variety of tactics to restore stability, and he is rightly keeping his options open.)

That idea has always suffered from an inherent conflict of interest: the financial firms with assets to sell are in many instances the same firms the Treasury will rely on to value and manage the assets it is buying. That is an invitation for these firms to set the price too high or to indulge in other mischief at the taxpayers’ expense.

The Treasury has promised to independently evaluate potential conflicts, but it appears that officials plan to start with the firms’ own self-assessment of any problems. The Treasury needs to set clear standards and procedures for the firms it hires, not allow the contractors to set the rules.

We are pleased that Mr. Paulson is flexible enough to adapt his ideas to manage a crisis that has, as yet, defied all attempts to control it. But as a former investment banker, Mr. Paulson must remember that the American taxpayer — not the banks — is now his client, and he is using taxpayer dollars. Congress has the duty to ensure that he does.

Published: October 14, 2008
page A28
The New York Times


Best Overheard Comment

"The financial crisis will bring an economic downturn that will force Americans to change their habits, including oil consumption. It's not the end of Capitalism but it is the end of Consumerism."

--Leafy Green


The Dust Congress

unrelated bonus link:

'Silly Season' in politics has lasted all year long

The most infamous moments during the 2008 campaigns

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Intentions Are Honorable + Space 1026: Annual Art Auction

October 3rd - October 31st, 2008
1026 Arch St. Second Floor, Philadelphia, PA
Space 1026

Our Intentions Are Honorable, new work by Trevor Reese and Sighn at Space 1026, located at 1026 Arch St., 2nd Floor, October 3rd - October 31st, 2008. (gallery generally open, just ring the bell!)

Learn more about the show by Trevor Reese and Sighn, and view photos of the work in our gallery. Sighn also provided a great writeup at Multi Polar Projects.

The gallery at Space 1026 is open daily between 11am and 7pm, please ring the bell for entry.

Aryon Hoselton is available for further information about the show or to discuss appointments, sales and tours. Contact him at 215.833.5672 or

Space 1026: Annual Art Auction

Preview & eBay Auction:
Friday, Dec. 5th, 6pm - 10pm
Stop by the gallery and preview art auction items. Visitors in the gallery and online can place bids on our eBay auction that will run throughout the following week.

Art Auction: Friday, December 12th, 7pm
Every year our art auction grows in popularity and quality of work. This year will be our biggest year ever with donations from Space 1026 members, friends and artists who have shown in our galleries.

Art Donations: Submit now!
We are accepting donations all day, every day until the auction preview on the 5th (and probably right up until the night of the auction on the 12th). The sooner you are able to submit the more exposure your work will receive in our promotions.

Please contact Aryon at 215.833.5672 or

Donations can be sent by mail or dropped off anytime at:
Space 1026
Attn: Art Auction
1026 Arch St, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Monday, October 13, 2008

Against the Spread

It was a very good day for Vegas sports books

If you knew someone who ran a sports book in Nevada yesterday, chances are he or she was smiling.

"It shaped up as a very good day," said Kenny White, chief operating officer of Las Vegas Sports Consultants. "It was probably the best day for the sports books this season."

White said the four favorites that went down in the 1 p.m. games - Washington, Minnesota, Chicago and Houston - knocked out many of the teaser bets, as well as parlays teamed with the 4 o'clock games.

As for the four favorites that covered, two of them played teams - Oakland (at New Orleans) and Baltimore (at Indianapolis) - that attracted a lot of money. The bettors had so much action on the Ravens, the line dropped from seven to four favoring the Colts, who romped, 31-3.

"That was good for the books," White said.

The same was true for Tampa Bay's being bet down to a 11/2-point favorite against Carolina. The Buccaneers won, 27-3.

Among the four late-afternoon games, the Eagles were the only team that covered the spread (41/2).

"Denver was a pretty popular wager," White said. "The line went up [from 3] to 31/2 but they went down" to Jacksonville, 24-17.

Green Bay received some attention after it was known that Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck would not play "but it was not that huge," White said. The Packers won, 27-17.

As for tonight's game, White said that the line favoring the New York Giants over the Cleveland Browns has gone from 61/2 to 8, and may reach 9, 91/2 or even 10 by the time the betting closes.

--by Joe Juliano
Staff Writer
Philadelphia Inquirer
Monday, Oct. 13, 2008
page E15

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Last Chance


Amble regrets to inform you that due to circumstances out of our control, we are closing. It has been a busy year with many things to be thankful for, but this is for the best both personally and professionally.

This month is your last chance to visit. The entire store will be going on SALE including supplies and furniture. We thank our customers so much for their business and enthusiasm over the past year as well as the talented artists that have introduced new creative life in Philadelphia.

Begining 8 OCTOBER 2008

25 OCTOBER 2008 Closing Clearance up to 75% OFF ENTIRE STORE!!!
Come and say goodbye - refreshments will be served.
7PM - 9PM

Come by today to see the show before it's taken down.
Thanks again!

Amble Gallery and Books
1001 N. 2nd Street, Suite 27
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 764-5402

Thursday, October 9, 2008

On This Date

Thursday, October 09th
The 283rd day of 2008.
There are 83 days left in the year.

Oct. 9, 1967 - Latin American guerrilla leader Che Guevara was executed in Bolivia while attempting to incite revolution.

Oct. 9, 1899 - Bruce Catton, the American writer and historian known for his books about the Civil War, was born.

On this date in:

1635 - Religious dissident Roger Williams was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

1701 - The Collegiate School of Connecticut - later Yale University - was chartered in New Haven.

1776 - A group of Spanish missionaries settled in present-day San Francisco.

1888 - The public was first admitted to the Washington Monument.

1930 - Laura Ingalls became the first woman to fly across the United States as she completed a nine-stop journey from Roosevelt Field in New York to Glendale, Calif.

1936 - The first generator at Boulder (later Hoover) Dam began transmitting electricity to Los Angeles.

1940 - Rock musician and songwriter John Lennon of the Beatles was born in Liverpool, England.

1946 - The Eugene O'Neill drama "The Iceman Cometh" opened on Broadway.

1958 - Pope Pius XII died, 19 years after he was elevated to the papacy.

1975 - Soviet scientist Andrei Sakharov was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

1985 - The hijackers of the Achille Lauro cruise liner surrendered after the ship arrived in Port Said, Egypt.

1990 - David Souter was sworn in as an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

2001 - Letters postmarked in Trenton, N.J., that later tested positive for anthrax spores were mailed to Sens. Tom Daschle, D-S.D., and Patrick Leahy, D-Vt.

2002 - A man was gunned down moments after filling his tank at a gas station near Manassas, Va., in the latest sniper shooting in the Washington, D.C., area.

2006 - North Korea announced that it had conducted its first nuclear weapons test, drawing condemnation from around the world.

2006 - Google Inc. announced it was snapping up YouTube Inc. for $1.65 billion in a stock deal.