Saturday, December 29, 2007

And maybe a Brush or two

upcoming studio equipment purchases:

1 single burner hot plate
1 double-boiler pan

Art Obsessions

For artists to obsess about their art is desirable but also troubling. To obsess is to feeled pulled about by one's thoughts, agitated, distracted, and separated from other life matters of vital importance. To obsess too virulently is to walk alone in anxiety. But to obsess too little is to wall oneself off from one's own creativity. Maintaining awareness of this distinction is an artist's everlasting duty. Artists must obsess, but they must also manufacture their own shutdown systems, their own ways of giving the brain a rest.

"The ideas for stories that thronged my brain would not let me rest till I had got rid of them by writing them." W. Somerset Maugham

"I wear myself out trying to render the orange trees so that they're not stiff but like those I saw by Botticelli in Florence. It's a dream that won't come true." Berthe Morisot

"The cypresses are always occupying my thoughts." Vincent van Gogh

"Wherever I go, I collect sand." Connie Zehr

"A mind too active is no mind at all." Theodore Roethke

For Art to come into existence, it must be obsessed about. Therefore I must cultivate a positive obsessiveness. But obsession is a dangerous neccessity. I will monitor my obsessiveness and strive to manage my anxieties: I want to obsess because I am working deeply, not because I am worrying myself to death.

excerpted from Affirmations For Artists by Eric Maisel
copyright 1996
published by G.P. Putnam's Sons (NYC)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Note To Self

thoughts of a personal nature:

Geometry = Structuralism/Deconstructionism

work backwards -> forwards to solve problems

must know & be familiar with the various equations/theorems to solve the problem

Friday, November 30, 2007

Personal Thoughts on Drawing the Figure

"Usually during the process, if I got confused as to what was the real thing, the drawing or the nude model, it would be a very good drawing."


Sunday, November 18, 2007

November 18th

Honoring the Gifts We Value

As we grow in spirituality, our lives become more authentically our own. We become more open to being who we are and creating from our unique spiritual guidance. Our personal connection to our Higher Power can lead us to more honest choices about our art. We become more balanced and disciplined with our gifts.

We learn to listen quietly for the familiar voice of inspiration that guides our choices, teaches us timing, and leads us gently to the next step in jour creative endeavors. Since we value that inspiration, we learn to act on it to honor its presence in our lives.

We learn patiently to accept and honor our creative gifts as sacred and valued treasures from God. We come to believe that in using our gifts we honor our Higher Power for having entrusted the gifts to us.

Teach me, God, to honor the gifts I value from you. Guide me, please, to use my gifts to honor you for giving them to me. Thanks for caring.

excerpted from the Artist's Soul (Daily Nourishment to Support Creative Growth) by Linda Coons
page 443
published in the year 2000
Penguin Putnam Inc.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

City Living Footage

Philadelphia - 10/24/07 - 8:40 a.m.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Soon To Be... A Working Studio

Description of Neighborhood:

"If you're looking for swanky, you won't find it in this gritty province. You will find, however, the world-famous Tacconelli's Pizzeria and the popular Byrne's Tavern, not to mention countless corner bars, delis and pizzerias."

City Paper Cityguide pg. 34